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with 20 years of experience.

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Brand Story

For busy modern people, it has become the No. 1 premium spa brand in Korea for more than 20 years by launching SPAEIR, a premium spa brand that considers healthy and beautiful skin and body balance, as well as healing the mind. It introduced a new "EIR Cosmetics" by grasping the market outlook for increasing demand for beauty, well-aging, anti-aging, and demand for cosmetics and functional cosmetics.

Healing power that has been passed down, EIR

It is the finest premium brand for the skin of the star sugar mistress.
With the secret secret of Korean beauty that has been passed down
from generation to generation through the family, and the neatness
of the beautiful door of the temple that can be seen in the Hanok Hall of Hanok, the healthy healing power of Korean beauty and the balance through science Shaped the completion of the skin.

EIR continues the today's noble and beautiful secret beyond

Beyond the Wall
We will be the secret of beauty spreading beyond Korea to the world.

Put the power of healing.

EIR From the rule to the rule. From age to age.
EIR Spa, which contains the secrets of beauty that has been handed down for a long time for true beauty, adds Nordic healing secrets to

the beauty of Korea.

Thinking of healthy and beautiful skin and body balance and healing of mind and spirit, EIR will take the lead in spreading the unique beauty of Korea beyond Korea. Discover the beauty of healing in your daily life at EIR Spa.